My story

It all started when I turned 13.... My parents gave me a Kodak 110 camera. I fell in love, BUT I WAS HORRIBLE... The photos were too bright or too dark & I had my finger in the photo or I chopped off heads... Then in high school I was one of a few photographers for the school yearbook. I used my Dad's Nikon FG 20 35mm.... and still.... not good. I remember the 2 other photographers were way better, but they never judged me, we just had fun. Now... many years later ( I won't say how many years) I have gotten HERE! I have still so much to learn, as the technology changes so fast, but it is still fun. This is my passion, my heart goes in to every session and I strive to be better and better each time.


Erin & Luke

“She is amazing”

01 / 09